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Dritz Premium Buttons


The Collection


Sustainability is more than a trend—it is a movement inspiring change in the world of fashion. Our premium button collection includes over 100 buttons and was developed by fashion-focused designers with a variety of recycled materials. With plastic-free packaging, these buttons are an eco-conscious choice with endless creative opportunities.

Unique Materials

Recycled cotton is produced by reclaiming fabric scraps or used textiles to create a new material. Thanks to their fibrous makeup, these buttons are enjoyably tactile and almost soft to the touch. Each button is made with 70-80% recycled cotton.

Recycled Leather

While the production of leather uses an enormous volume of resources and generates large amounts of waste, recycled leather offers consumers a greener alternative. Recycled leather results in the same upscale look and feel of true leather. Each button is made with 60-70% recycled leather.

Recycled Hemp

A natural fiber, hemp waste can be repurposed for a multitude of uses instead of being sent to the landfill. These buttons utilize reclaimed hemp to create buttons that are durable, tactile, and eco-friendly. Each button is made with 50-60% recycled hemp.

Recycled Coconut

The inside of a coconut is delicious, but the shell has value, too! Often discarded as an agricultural byproduct, coconut biomass—the husks and shells—can be repurposed and transformed. Each button is made with 75-100% recycled coconut.

Recycled Paper

For every ton of recycled paper, 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, and 7,000 gallons of water are saved. Our recycled paper buttons are lightweight and washable, making them an eco-friendly and stylish addition to any garment. Each button is made with 50-55% recycled paper.

Recycled Plastic

The plastic used for our buttons is sourced through The Plastic Bank, an organization that combines environmental protection and social engagement to build ethical recycling systems in communities. Each button is made up to 100% recycled plastic.

Recycled Wood

As a renewable resource, wood is a dependable, sustainable material. Wood scraps can be collected, processed, and given a new purpose! We have turned recycled wood into attractive toggles and buttons that lend an organic touch to creations.

Recycled Unique Materials

Coffee, macadamia nuts, and palm: these familiar, natural materials create eye-catching buttons. Corozo - often called “vegetable ivory” - is a product of the Tagua palm. Each of these unique buttons adds a hint of flair to any garment or project!

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